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P A R E N T' S D R E A M
preparatory school
189 street no. 3 madan puri Gurgaon 122001

Parent’s Dream Preparatory School is a chain of high quality play school, day care and coaching centre.

The school is set up by a group of highly experienced educationist teachers and education leaders with extensive experience, the foundation stone of the school was laid on 1st feb 2010. We are providing comprehensive and systematic study program in various subjects. Our whole program is packed with fun and play activities to achieve the following for main aim.

  • Montessori method
  • Play way method
  • Personality development
  • Personal awareness

This structure makes us an extremely aware and adaptive team, capable of evolving our curriculum and teaching pedagogy on ever changing needs for effective early learning and development and helps toddlers to develop their personal skills and acclimatize to out side world.

Our aim
  1. Relationship:
  2. Curriculum:
  3. Teaching:
  4. Assessments:
  5. Health:
  6. Community relationship:
  7. Regional visits :
  8. Physical environment:
  1. Safe and secure and stimulating learning atmosphere
  2. Equal emphasis on curriculum, creativity and activity
  3. To make the student outstanding global citizen.
  4. Recognise the child development
  5. Provide highest standard of childhood education

The schools mission is to help students discover their talents, develop skills needed for success in future studies and establish value that will allow them to act with thought fullness in society. We help the parent in improving their parenting skill for better parenting skills for a better parenting experience. The teachers work in empowering environment where they continuously expand their horizon and improve their skills.

Our mission are empowering children, along the grain, at their own pace has been the one thought behind the vision.

Childhood is not about the feelings it about the learning it is about feeling.

  • What they hear
  • What they see
  • What they touch
  • What they eat
  • What they smell
Mr. Devinder Mehra

It is now commonly known that the Preschool stage is crucial. It is a child’s first exposure to a formal learning environment and the experiences at this age and stage can impact a child for a lifetime. A good Preschool recognizes this, lives by this and with this idea aims to facilitate optimum development of each child. Parent’s dream offer such a young, vibrant and passionate Team committed to the optimum development of its young learners. This is also what makes learning at Parent’s dream exciting and fun filled!

Mrs. Pooja Mehra

Here, we hold the hands with your children, and ‘walk the talk’ of ‘being’ and ‘doing’, starting from where we are now, right to their graduation.

Ms. Chehak Mehra
Branch 1 Principal

Parent’s dream success story is a testimonial to the passion, commitment and leadership of its ms Chehak mehra, the captain of parent’s dream ship. Convinced that little children need a specialized learning environment for optimum learning and growth to take place, she embarked upon the mission to create this beautiful separate space called Apple Blossom.

Mrs. Abhika Mehra
Second branch Principal

Our roles are continuously redefined and the only intelligent option is to keep-inventing ourselves to keep pace” “Education has its only meaning and objects in freedom from ignorance about the laws of its universe, and freedom from passion and prejudice in our communication with the human world”. Rabindranath Tagore visualized an education that was deeply rooted in one’s immediate surroundings but connected to the cultures of the wider world, predicated upon pleasurable learning and individualized to the personality of the child.

School facilities

Home is the best environment and informed parents are the best teachers a child can get. Keeping this in mind, parent’s dream provide to your child with the best homely and learning environment. We are very well aware and our teachers well equipped to understand and sincerely become answers to all your child's curiosity oriented queries and provide him/her with ample light to see the outside world.

P A R E N T' S D R E A M
Tution Center
189 street no. 3 madan puri Gurgaon 122001
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